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Under the mistletoe, a final gift they share… a spark to banish the spirits of Yuletide despair.

Something sinister lurks within the hallowed halls of my beloved school, Ho, Ho, Ho Academy, this Christmas. Dane and I thought we had defeated the darkness after our battle against the former headmistress last year. But now, creepy events plague the academy whenever we’re on the grounds.

Each dawn reveals new damage – from smashed gingerbread houses to severed holiday light cords. Ominous omens pile up faster than the silently falling snow. Someone or something wicked stalks these hallowed halls, extinguishing the Christmas joy.

My witch instincts tell me dark magic is afoot, again. When I go missing after secretly investigating alone, icy panic grips my heart.

I had just reunited with Dane after our fight against our dangerous foe, the vengeful dark witch Marci. Now I’m captive in her lair for some vile ritual sacrifice. To rescue me, Dane must confront our evil nemesis.

With my life at stake, Dane charges into the darkness to save me. Marci’s warning about a traitor amongst us haunts me. Can I trust anyone from our school days? Alone I have little chance of stopping the evil taking root in our academy. Only together with Dane and the Supernatural Strike Force can I hope to unmask the villain and rekindle the vanishing spirit before midnight chimes on Christmas itself.

Warning: Beware of the creeping shadows haunting Ho, Ho, Ho Academy this Winter Solstice, as ancient evil seeks to feast on Christmas light.

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I never thought I’d be a Christmas witch. But that’s exactly where I find myself, along with my friends Abbi and Gracie, at the Ho, Ho, Ho Academy. Baba Yaga, Scroogess, and the Witches Council sent us here to learn the magic of Christmas and become its guardians.

I, however, despise everything about the holiday. The decorations, the carols, the cheesy movies – they all make me cringe. I have no interest in spreading joy or cheer. And to make matters worse, I meet Cristof, the heir to the Santa Claus legacy. He’s kind, patient, and genuinely cares about others, which immediately puts him at odds with me. I can’t stand his love for Christmas, and he can’t understand my hatred for it, especially considering my first name is Holli.

As we navigate our training and prepare for the most important holiday of the year, tensions rise between me and Cristof. But when a sinister force threatens to ruin Christmas for everyone, we must put our differences aside and work together to save the holiday. Can I overcome my dislike of Christmas and become the witch I was meant to be? Maybe. Will Cristof and I find common ground and perhaps even love? Possibly. Or will my hatred for the season ruin everything, including my chance for love?

Find out in “Xmas Burnout”, a heartwarming and magical tale of unlikely friendships, holiday spirit, and the power of love.

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