A gypsy Witch, a Shifter who can’t shift, and a Demon… What could go wrong? Everything.


Magic & Mayhem Universe

Series: Magick & Chaos, Book 5

Publisher: Isabel Micheals

Format:  eBook

Length:  128 pages

Published:  August 27, 2018

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action & Adventure, Mysteries, Thrillers & Suspense, Humor & Satire

Cover Artist:  Blackraven’s Designs

One witch scorned. One Shifter stuck in limbo. Demons who rise from Hell, and a Gypsy witch who sees all. What could go wrong? Everything.

Betrayed by his fiancée and best friend, Jasper was done with the idea of love and Happily Ever After. He’d decided it was easier to Love the One He Was With. Did it make him a womanizer? Maybe, but they knew the rules. No relationships. No last names. No sleepovers. No repeat visits. It was called a one night stand for a reason. Besides, he’d failed enough at relationships to last him a lifetime and had no desire to travel down that road again. Ever. That is… until he met Claire.

Claire had one objective when she walked into Sophie’s farmhouse… help her new friends reverse an evil witch’s spell and return home to her quiet life. What she hadn’t planned on was an overzealous Shifter with midnight black hair and ice blue eyes, who touched something deep in her soul. Unable to see her own future, she had given up on Happily Ever After years ago. While Fate had allowed her to assist others in finding their true destiny, she had been denied the same opportunity. Did it make her bitter? Maybe.

So when a scorned witch joins forces with the King of Hell to exact her revenge, hold on to your seat because it’ll take the entire magical community of Bass Ackwards, Tennessee to send him back to Hell.

Note from the Author:

Please be advised that there are scenes in Witch With An Axe To Grind and Witchin’ Up A Spell that overlap because the storylines were happening simultaneously.

Witchin’ Up A Spell is an over-the-top novella based on some of the wonderful characters found in Robyn Peterman’s Magic & Mayhem series.

Paranormal Romance


The Magick & Chaos series is part of the fabulous Robyn Peterman's Magic and Mayhem Universe. Be prepared for snarky humor, swoon-worthy romance, as well as action and adventure.

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