Dark Magic, flammable sequins, an out-of-control dragon, and a feisty damsel in distress. What could go wrong?


Magic & Mayhem Universe

Series: Magick & Chaos, Book 3

Publisher: Isabel Micheals

Format:  eBook

Length:  106 pages

Published:  August 27, 2018

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action & Adventure, Mysteries, Thrillers & Suspense

Cover Artist:  Blackraven’s Designs

Sarah Abrams is on the run from a Dark Warlock who wants her secret power. A secret power she’s never divulged to anyone. But, the more she suppresses her true nature, the weaker her secret power becomes. When she’s cornered by the Dark Warlock in Sin City, it’ll take the power and ingenuity of a red dragon and his friends to help her escape.

Cole wasn’t sure what drew him toward the damsel in distress, but everything in his being told him to protect her. When he’s confronted by the Dark Warlock’s hellhounds, he’s left with only two choices. Let his dragon fly free and create more havoc on Sin City, or call in backup.

Either way, all hell is about to break loose again, when a feisty damsel in distress hiding her powers and an out-of-control, fire-breathing dragon hiding from a leotard wearing warlock find themselves surrounded by Dark Magic. Who knew sequins were flammable?

Paranormal Romance


The Magick & Chaos series is part of the fabulous Robyn Peterman's Magic and Mayhem Universe. Be prepared for snarky humor, swoon-worthy romance, as well as action and adventure.

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